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  • Outdoor and Adventure GoTürkiye

    Outdoor activities and adventure opportunities are endless in Türkiye. Breathtaking natural beauty awaits to be discovered by outdoor enthusiasts.

    trekking & hiking

    Trekking allows you to get away from the crowds and discover the true beauty of Türkiye, the friendly villagers, the remote historic sites, and the country’s stunning scenery.

    rock climbing

    Türkiye is a truly unmatched destination for rock climbers with crags for every season, a variety of available rock-climbing styles, and friendly, hospitable locals.

    water sports

    At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, surrounded by the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara Seas, Türkiye is the heart of water sports.


    Driving through Anatolia gives visitors the chance of swimming in the turquoise sea of the country’s southern and western coasts, walking along beautiful and historical trials, and climbing huge mountains...


    Skydiving is an incredibly easy, safe, and enjoyable way to experience an unforgettable journey through Türkiye’s blue sky!


    Türkiye is a true paradise for caving enthusiasts. Discovering the country’s hidden caves is a thrilling adventure on its own.


    Wet, wild, and unforgettable! Anatolia, the westernmost region of Asia and where Türkiye is located, is a canyon paradise!


    Türkiye is a country surrounded by four seas and home to many lakes. At the same time, eleven percent of the country is covered in rivers and lakes. In other words, Türkiye is a paradise for fishing!

    horseback riding

    Embark on an incredible ride through the unusual beauty of Cappadocia or the Taurus Mountains, discovering the rich local culture and heritage accompanied by knowledgeable and experienced guides.

    zip lining

    Türkiye appeals to adventurous travelers and all kinds of adrenalin-boosting activities can now be found all over the country - including zip lining!