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  • Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

    Türkiye offers windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts the warm and crystal clear waves of the Mediterranean in the south, and the wind swells of the Black Sea in the north!

    You’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of isolated beaches and winding country roads. 

    In addition, Türkiye may just be the ideal place to learn surfing because the waters are calm and reveal no threats likely to topple inexperienced learners. 

    • Alaçatı, İzmir (Windsurfing)

    If we were told that “Alaçatı” meant “windsurfing” in Turkish, we would believe it! Having both strong winds and suitable waves makes Alaçatı a rare surfing destination.

    There are many local and international schools here, and Alaçatı offers the best conditions for beginners. As it is a pretty closed bay, it gives you a feeling of safety if you are scared of the open sea!

    Moreover, Alaçatı is not only famous for its sea. With its stone houses, boutique hotels, lavender-scented streets, and mastic gum cookies, Alaçatı promises you fun after surfing as well.

    • Datça, Muğla (Windsurfing)

    For windsurfing enthusiasts, one of the Aegean's windiest bays is located in Datça, Muğla. There are more than one surfing centers in the region, which gets strong winds especially in July and August.

    Datça is an ideal windsurfing center for experienced surfers who want to enjoy surfing with professional athletes in a bay that is not too crowded due to its strong wind.

    Datça has a facility established exclusively for surfing sports, and hosts windsurfing enthusiasts during the surfing season from May to September.

    • Akyarlar & Bodrum, Muğla (Windsurfing)

    Here you will find turquoise bays, suitable for windsurfing - but not for amateurs! Akyarlar Bay has deep water and strong winds, and is a great choice for professionals. If you are still learning, you can take lessons from surfing instructors and not miss the chance to surf in this beautiful bay.

    Bodrum is not only famous for its turquoise sea and windsurfing opportunities - it is one of the most famous holiday regions of Türkiye with luxury and boutique hotels, and dynamic nights!

    • Akyaka & Marmaris, Muğla (Kitesurfing)

    Located north of Marmaris, Akyaka is a beautiful small town with a social scene dominated by devoted kiteboarders. It’s one of the best spots for kitesurfing in the world with continuous wind and certain areas reserved for kitesurfing.

    The conditions that make Akyaka special include its three-kilometer surfing course, sandy shallow waters, and constant thermal winds.

    Moreover, in Akyaka, you can combine many different holiday alternatives with kitesurfing.

    • Alanya, Antalya (Windsurfing & Kitesurfing)

    One of Türkiye’s most popular spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing, Alanya is located in southern Türkiye and is perfect during the off-season from December to April.

    With around 20 days ideal for surfing per month, the weather in Alanya is very pleasant. Some of the best beaches for windsurfing and kitesurfing are Damlataş and Keykubat with waves that are perfect for both beginners and experts.

    The average height of waves in Alanya ranges between 0.6 and 3.6 meters, and during the off-season, the beaches are mostly uninhabited and peaceful.

    • Urla, İzmir (Kitesurfing)

    Located between İzmir city center and Çeşme, Urla is a popular destination to learn how to kitesurf!

    While the town itself is located inland, it has grown into a mini, boutique-holiday destination similar to its neighboring Alaçatı, Türkiye's windsurfing paradise.

    The kiteboarding beach is located in Gülbahçe, a good half dozen kilometers away from the town itself in an expansive marshy area that has shallow waters conducive for beginners.

    • Şile & Kilyos, İstanbul (Windsurfing &Kitesurfing)

    One of the best places to surf the Black Sea waves is actually (and surprisingly) just outside of İstanbul. The Black Sea coast, north of İstanbul, is a very suitable place to surf due to the more than 965.6 kilometers coastline which produces some great waves.

    It’s also here that many locals go body surfing, a local tradition, so you’ll have to share the waves with these enthusiastic wave riders during the warmer months.

    • Kerpe, Kocaeli (Windsurfing &Kitesurfing)

    Just one hour by car from İstanbul, on the Black Sea coast, Kerpe is a small touristic town with beautiful rocky coves and turquoise waters. Great for surfing year-round, Kerpe is also where you’ll find surfing schools, and a surfer-friendly hotel with single and group lessons at Kerpe’s best surfing spots.