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  • horseback riding

    Embark on an incredible ride through the unusual beauty of Cappadocia or the Taurus Mountains, discovering the rich local culture and heritage accompanied by knowledgeable and experienced guides.

    The cultural uniqueness of Türkiye is reflected in its history and people, and makes it an exciting destination for a horseback-riding holiday. 

    Türkiye’s ancient horse culture is very much alive today while it is doubtful that any part of the world can match its rich and broad mosaic of history. 


    An unforgettable horseback riding experience is the perfect way to discover the natural, historical, and cultural richness of Cappadocia's unique landscape, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Cappadocia, or the "Land of the Good Horses" as it is called in Old Persian, includes the Göreme Valley, Ürgüp, and its surroundings. Time, wind, and weather have shaped the unique curves of this once-volcanic region, and the rounded peaks and pinnacles are known today as "fairy chimneys."

    There is a ranch in the heart of the national park that is the perfect starting point to explore the famous Cappadocia Valley.

    Taurus Mountains, Antalya

    Just a few kilometers from the navy-blue Mediterranean Sea, on the glorious Taurus Mountains, where the legendary Mount Olympos is located, Antalya offers horseback riders a fantastic location covered in pine forests and endemic species!

    The ranches here are unusual in as much as they are close to beaches, and offer opportunities for swimming, mountains adventures, and culture.

    If you want to combine beautiful beaches with riding, western Antalya is the right place for you. The horses you will find here are mainly Arabian horses and English Thoroughbreds.