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  • paragliding

    Driving through Anatolia gives visitors the chance of swimming in the turquoise sea of the country’s southern and western coasts, walking along beautiful and historical trials, and climbing huge mountains... Or, what about flying over Türkiye’s unmatched natural beauty and historical sites?

    The weather conditions, mountainous terrain, and turquoise coasts make Türkiye the perfect place for a paragliding vacation.

    Paragliding offers you a front-row seat to magnificent, breathtaking panoramas. Keep your head in the clouds and enjoy some of the best paragliding spots in the world!

    • Ölüdeniz (Fethiye), Muğla

    Landing on the white sand of Ölüdeniz is spectacular and the topography guarantees a calm, slow, and easy final descent as the winds here are light and the beachfront is long.

    However, this doesn't mean it's without excitement! Babadağ is almost 2,000 meters high, so you'll have to make sure you're dressed warmly since there's ice year-round at the top. It takes about 30 minutes to paraglide all the way down to the bottom, and in that time, whether with a pilot or on your own, you can make 360 degree turns, wingovers, and find the best lift in a thermal so as to extend your descent.

    • Bodrum & Milas, Muğla

    Paragliding has become such a popular activity over the beaches of Ören in Milas and Bodrum that the hill from which you jump, which is the mountain’s peak, has been renamed “Paraşüt Tepesi” (Paragliding Hill).

    Here you paraglide over stunning nature all the way to the beach, passing over beautiful green fields, pastures, and forests all the way to the Aegean Sea.

    The views you get are breathtaking, with a 600-meter landing after you've opened your parachute. The landing is very soft and easy, making it a perfect spot for beginners.

    • Alanya & Kaş, Antalya

    The center of turquoise sea, home of the loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta carettas), ancient cities, deep caves, and Mediterranean seals... Kaş offers natural and historical beauty, and the opportunity to paraglide!

    For beginners, Asas Hill of 600-1,000 meters height overlooking Kaş and the Greek island of Kastellorizo is just about perfect.

    Look out over the stunning Çukurbağ Peninsula as the whole Mediterranean stretches out before you and land right in Kaş, a quaint and endearing town that will leave you with lasting memories.

    • Mount Çökelez, Pamukkale/Denizli

    Mount Çökelez is 30 kilometers from Denizli city center. The jumping point is at 1,650 meters altitude. It’s possible to land right at the foot of the mountain or land at a distance of 100-180 kilometers.

    After visiting the Pamukkale travertines, Mount Çökelez is a great choose for adrenaline lovers!

    • Abant, Bolu

    Paragliding off Örencik Plateau over Lake Abant has recently become a popular pastime. Bolu is famous for its lush green nature and in winter, for its the snow-capped landscape.

    The plateau itself is lovely, resembling a green carpet laid out to be admired. A picnic followed by paragliding makes for a perfect day out – and then maybe camping around the lake?

    Bolu is just a few hours outside of İstanbul, so it's easy to visit here on a day trip.

    • Alidağ, Kayseri

    Six kilometers from the city center of Kayseri, Mount Alidağ has an altitude of 1,750 meters. It’s suitable for professionals and semi-professionals.

    Pilots can land in the districts of Tomarza and Pınarbaşı at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour. Usually, however, they land at the foot of the mountain. In 2004, the World Paragliding Championships were held here.

    • Uludağ, Bursa

    Uludağ is a skiing and snowboarding center, but it also has a suitable area for paragliding!

    It’s possible to paraglide from the end of April to the middle of October. Situated on the outskirts of Uludağ, it’s the runway with the most flights and the easiest access from Bursa with a take-off area of 845 meters above sea level and a landing area of 422 meters.

    • Munzur Dağları, Erzincan

    Munzure Valley National Park is one of the largest and most beautiful in Türkiye. What better way to see it all than to paraglide over it and get a birds-eye view of its majesty?

    Paraglide down to the Ekşisu picnic spot and enjoy the rewards of your efforts!

    • Uçmakdere, Tekirdağ

    The village of Uçmakdere, in the district of Şarköy in Tekirdağ, is a great choice for paragliding if you’re traveling from İstanbul. Located less than three hours from the center of İstanbul, the village has one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the region. The main reason for this is Mount Ganos, which has an altitude of 915 meters.

    Uçmakdere is 200 km from İstanbul and 34 km from Tekirdağ, and awaits you with its magnificent nature and beach.

    • Bozdağ, İzmir

    This is İzmir’s most famous paragliding center! Located 110 km east of İzmir, Bozdağ has an altitude of 1,100 meters.

    After enjoying the sea and the sun in İzmir, following a two-hour drive, you can paraglide in Bozdağ!

    • Nemrut Dağı, Adıyaman

    Take off from some of the most impressive and memorable sculptures ever created in human history and paraglide down over a stunning lake as the sun rises before you. Does that sound like something you might enjoy? Mount Nemrut offers one of the most unique paragliding experiences in the world.

    The statues were most likely created in the vicinity of a royal tomb in the 1st century BC. The name “Nemrut” probably derives from the Biblical name “Nimrod.” The site is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    The starting spot is at 2,200 meters. On the way down, you go over the world's second-largest crater lake, Lake Nemrut. It's all part of the Nemrut Caldera, a volcanic caldera atop the volcano of Nemrut.