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  • Rafting

    High mountains, long rivers, amazing green valleys, and spectacular geography make Türkiye a real paradise for rafting and nature lovers. While you are on a rafting holiday in Türkiye, you’ll have a chance to white water raft down many great rivers and creeks.

    The country abounds in mountains which give rise to rivers with swift currents and perilous rapids to titillate the experienced rafters. There are also placid rivers for those new to the sport.

    • Çekerek River, Yozgat

    Çekerek River is an important river of Yozgat province. Our Çekerek district is a new rafting route worth visiting with a water sports course, accommodation area, sports facilities, green fields, recreation area, tent camp sites.

    While experiencing the excitement of rafting, the region where you can camp in a tent, get rafting training and be impressed by its natural beauties in front of the famous Kızlar Kayası (Girls’ Rock) view is one of the favorite tourist spots of Yozgat.

    • Coruh River, Artvin

    Located in Artvin, Türkiye’s Eastern Black Sea shores, Coruh River is one of the world's fastest flowing rivers. The river has four courses of different difficulty levels with a total length of 169 km. Every year, international competitions are held on Coruh River and thousands of people participate from all over the world.

    • Köprülü River, Antalya

    The Köprülü River is known as the rafting center of Türkiye. Starting from the Taurus Mountains and passing through natural canyons, the river flows into the Mediterranean. It is fed by underground waters in the canyons, and it’s suitable for rafting year-round. The approximately 12-kilometer-long track offers the chance to see the historical bridges from a different perspective.

    • Fırtına River & İkizdere River, Rize

    The word “fırtına” means “storm” in English. As a challenging river for rafting, Fırtına River is an important area for rafting enthusiasts. It is 57 kilometers long and has four difficulty levels in different sections. There are many Black Sea rafting tours with professional rafting guides along the Fırtına River. Its surroundings are beautiful and feature tea gardens and historical bridges.

    • Dalaman River, Muğla

    A perfect river for beginners! With its deep history and natural beauties, Dalaman River offers an amazing adventure for rafting lovers. This 12-kilometer-long rafting course, has two different courses depending on the difficulty level, which can be completed in about two hours. Dalaman River is located very close to popular destinations such as Fethiye, Marmaris, and Bodrum, and is a great destination in all seasons.

    • Göksü River, Mersin

    As the most important waterway of the city of Mersin, Göksü River springs from the Central Taurus Mountains in two branches. The delta of the river, Göksu Delta, which is very rich in terms of wildlife, has been recognized by the International Committee for Bird Preservation (ICBP) as one of the important bird sanctuaries in Europe and the Middle East. The river offers ideal rafting routes for beginners.

    • Zamantı River, Kayseri

    Zamantı River, which is 51 km long, has a 15-kilometer-long national rafting course. With its length, water flow and canyons, Zamantı River offers beautiful trails for professionals. The course is classified as Level 4 and 5 in difficulty, so this is a destination for more experienced rafters.

    • Melen River, Düzce

    The Melen River is a rafting point where the Marmara and the Black Sea regions meet. It’s located two hours by car from İstanbul. There is a 16-kilometer course, which gets crowded in spring. Paddling the course takes approximately 1.5 hours and is classified as Level 3 in difficulty. The excitement of pristine nature and curvy high drops accompanies visitors along the course!

    • Munzur Stream, Tunceli

    Although the flow rate of Munzur Stream is not very regular, an approximately 20-kilometer section of the stream has the potential to be suitable for rafting!

    The clear and clean water of the stream, whose temperature is 0-4°C in winter and 18-20°C in summer, is rich in fish presence, especially red-spotted trout.

    The part of Munzur Stream between Ovacik and Tunceli offers richness in terms of vegetation and wild life in the surrounding valley.

    • Eşen River, Muğla

    The 120-kilometer-long Eşen River, formerly known as Xanthos, crosses the middle of the region of Seydikemer, give the that region a unique natural beauty.

    Starting at Saklıkent Canyon, the river offers rafting opportunities year-round. It is also suitable for other water sports such as canoeing.

    • Bekili Stream, Denizli

    Bekili Stream is one of the most beautiful rafting spots in the Aegean! It’s a rare stream where you can raft every month of the year. It has a course of approximately 9.5 km and is classified as Level 3 and 4 in difficulty. It can be completed in about two hours.

    The stream also has a second rafting course of 11 km, classified as Level 1 in difficulty. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, Bekili Stream will offer you an ideal rafting course!