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  • Kayaking

    Discover Türkiye’s turquoise and navy-blue sea while kayaking…

    The coastline of southwest Türkiye, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, is a paradise for sea kayakers. Also, near İstanbul, the world-famous metropole, it’s possible to enjoy a day-long kayaking adventure.

    Kayaking tours promise unforgettable hours in nature and energizing physical exercise - but it will definitely be worth it!

    • Kekova Island & Kaş, Antalya

    Kayaking in the calm waters of Kekova Island is the best way to visit the old cities and villages of the region.

    The natural beauty and sheltered waters of the area guarantee a delightful experience for both the complete beginner and the experienced kayaker.

    No previous kayaking experience is needed – you just need some spirit for adventure and reasonable fitness.

    Also, the lovely, narrow streets of Kaş, covered in flowers, invite you to take pictures and relax.

    • Lake Durusu, İstanbul

    What about kayaking nearby İstanbul?

    Lake Durusu, formerly known as Lake Terkos, is 45 minutes by car from İstanbul, and offers you a great one-day adventure.

    You don’t need any experience to kayak here –  all you need is enough time and an adventuresome spirit. The waterlilies and rapids are guaranteed to impress you!

    • Cennet Koyu & Bodrum, Muğla

    Situated 18 kilometers from Bodrum city center, Cennet Koyu (Paradise Bay) is an unforgettable place. There is no building around the bay, so, it’s suitable for camping as well as kayaking.

    There will be no waves, no voices, and no crowd. All that is required to do is kayak, swim, and relax…

    • Köprülü Canyon, Antalya

    Antalya is known for its luxury hotels, breathtaking turquoise and navy blue sea, and ancient cities. In addition to this, Antalya is blessed with unique natural beauty: huge canyons, waterfalls, and crystal clean streams! Among its natural gifts, Köprülü Canyon stands out.

    Köprülü Canyon is Türkiye’s most popular rafting center. It’s suitable for both rafting and kayaking.

    The stream of Köprülü Canyon has a high flow rate so it’s recommended that you have some experience in kayaking before heading out into the water.