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  • trekking & hiking

    Trekking allows you to get away from the crowds and discover the true beauty of Türkiye, the friendly villagers, the remote historic sites, and the country’s stunning scenery.

    With its many national parks and mountains, Türkiye's great geography offers some of the most beautiful trekking and hiking trails in the world. 

    Around İstanbul
    • Belgrad Forest, Sarıyer, Şile in İstanbul

    İstanbul is one of the world’s largest cities whose cultural heritage is unmatched. Its natural beauty offers the opportunity to trek and hike, and to get to know this immense, fascinating city better!

    One of the best places to trek in İstanbul is Belgrad Forest. Spanning 5,300 hectares, Belgrad Forest offers a variety of short and long trails.

    North of the city, in the districts of Şile, Sarıyer, and Arnavutköy, you’ll find a lot of small forests for walking in nature.

    • Uçmakdere, Tekirdağ

    Ganos Mountains in Uçmakdere is a frequent destination for trekking lovers. Uçmakdere’s enjoyable earth roads and hillsides have fantastic views and plenty of oxygen to fill your lungs.

    Uçmakdere is situated in the Sarköy district of Tekirdağ Province. Due to the trail’s slopes, it can be a bit strenuous, but the incredible views make it worthwhile.

    On the way to Uçmakdere, make sure to pay notice to the wooden fishing shelters and fishing piers.

    • Erikli Plateau, Kocaeli

    Erikli Plateau, approximately 1.5 hours by car from İstanbul, is located in the district of Çınarcık, Yalova.

    Due to the slopes on the footpaths, they require a moderate trekking experience. You will come across the natural wonders of Çifte Şelale (Çifte Waterfall), Dipsiz Göl (Dipsiz Lake), Delmece Yaylası (Delmece Plateau), and Erikli Şelalesi (Erikli Waterfall) on your trekking adventure.

    There are also many campsites where you can pitch a tent.

    • Ballıkayalar Nature Park, Kocaeli

    A mere 1.5-hour drive from İstanbul, Ballikayalar is a center for activities in nature!

    There are many tracks of varying length in this area. It is an ideal destination for those looking for an easy to moderate trekking experience.

    On a day trip to Ballikayalar, you can pitch a tent, and enjoy a hot cup of tea after trekking. If you enjoy climbing, there are also some rock-climbing paths.

    Western Black Sea 
    • Pürenli Plateau, Düzce

    The Pürenli Plateau, northwest of the city of Bolu, stands at an altitude of 1,400 meters. The plateau is ideal for walking and camping in winter, and offers peaceful solitude year-round.

    The Pürenli Plateau includes a lake formed by melted snow with small wooden cabins around it. The plateau is covered in a pine tree forest that creates a silvery panorama when blanketed with snow in the winter.

    There are no facilities on the plateau, so you can set up your tents anywhere you like. You can also head to Balıklı Plateau, two kilometers away, for camping.

    • Sülüklü Göl, Bolu & Sakarya

    Sülüklü Lake is situated near the village of Tavşansuyu in Bolu, in the district of Mudurnu, approximately three hours by car from İstanbul.

    You can start your trek at the entrance of the Sülüklü Lake Nature Reserve Park. From there you can take a forested route or the dirt road, which covers 16 km.

    Along the way, you can take shelter in the shade of the oak and fir trees. As the name suggests, Sülüklü Lake (Leech Lake), was once full of leeches. In recent years, there are no leeches left as a result of the increase of trout.

    • Lake Abant National Park, Bolu

    In the autumn months, you won’t believe the beauty of Lake Abant!

    Covered in pine tree forests and colorful flowers, Lake Abant is ideal for spending one or two days! The lake is 2-3 hours by car from both İstanbul and Ankara.

    You’ll find many short and long tracks for trekking and hiking around the lake. It’s an ideal destination for whose looking for an easy to moderate route.

    • Yenice Forests, Karabük

    One of the lesser-known hiking trails in Türkiye, this particular path leads through the natural wonder of Yenice Forest. In 1999, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) designated the Yenice Forest, in the city of Karabük, as one of the 100 biodiversity hotspots that require preservation.

    All shades of green welcome you here offering you an adventure of true discovery. Nature lovers will savor the forests and canyons.

    In addition, Safranbolu, famous for its well-preserved Ottoman houses, is nearby and definitely worth a day trip.

    • Valleys of Cappadocia

    Cappadocia is a unique place with its fairy chimneys and long history. It is also a trekking and hiking paradise by virtue of its unique landscape and abundance of historical sites.

    The most popular trails are in Pigeon Valley, Love Valley, Rose and Red Valley, and Zemi Valley where you’ll come across Cappadocia’s famous fairy chimneys, rock churches, and stunning rock formations.

    Ihlara Valley stands out as a rare haven of natural sights, churches and chapels, history, art, and culture. Here, trekking takes 5 hours to cover the 14 km valley, that begins at the village of Ihlara and ends at Selime village. You can discover dozens of shelters, graves, and churches embedded in rocks. Some shelters and churches have underground access. 

    • Lycian Way, Muğla & Antalya

    The Lycian Way (Likya Yolu) is Türkiye’s first long-distance hiking trail, a 500-kilometer trail from Fethiye in the eastern district of the city of Muğla to Antalya. It is the impressive achievement of Kate Clow, a resident of Türkiye who is a British national, and her crew of dedicated trailblazers.

    Surrounded by the landscapes of turquoise waters, the Lycian Way passes through the Taurus Mountains, offering many opportunities to observe the ruins of ancient cities. It is truly an unforgettable adventure for trekking lovers!

    The trek is rated as moderately strenuous to difficult, with the easier portion being the one nearest to Fethiye and Ölüdeniz (literally “Dead Sea” in Turkish). Among the most popular parts are the westernmost section at Fethiye and Ölüdeniz, and southeastward toward Patara.

    • Paul Trail, Antalya & Isparta

    St. Paul is credited with the spread of Christianity to Western Europe and this trail follows his journey to complete this mission.

    The trail starts at Perge, which is close to Antalya Airport, and ends at Yalvaç, near Lake Eğirdir, in Isparta. Eğirdir is a major transport and accommodation hub along the route. The best seasons for enjoying this trail are spring and autumn.

    On the way, you can find accommodation in village houses or small pensions. Along the longer stretches, you will have to set up your tent outdoors.

    • Pisidia Heritage Trail, Northern Antalya, Isparta & Burdur

    A trekking trail where nature and archaeology meet!

    Pisidia is an ancient region located in the Taurus Mountain range and this long-distance trekking trail is 350 kilometers long, connecting many archaeological sites in the region: Sagalassos, Termessos, Pisidya Antioch, Kremna, Adada, Selge, Pednelissos, Amblada, Anabura, Tymriada, Ariassos, and Pityassus.

    You’ll walk through the ancient and natural wonders of the ancient region of Pisidia and, at the same time, follow a section of the St. Paul Trail!

    • Lake Bafa and Latmos, Aydın & Muğla

    Lake Bafa is partly within the district of Milas of Muğla Province and partly in the district of Söke in Aydın Province. And it is an ideal destination for those looking for day-long excursions.

    You’ll find great paths at Lake Bafa with archaeological significance and beautiful scenery. If you are looking for a longer route, you can choose the Kral Yolu (King’s Way). The entire route takes approximately 14 hours.

    The other route takes around 2.5 hours and begins at Kapıkırı village. The footpath winds up a hill, lined with ancient sites, towers, and walls. 

    • Mount Ida, Çanakkale & Balıkesir

    Mount Ida (Kazdağları) National Park spans 21,000 hectares, stretching from Balıkesir to Çanakkale, and boasts many incredible and varied walking trails.

    The trails promise fresh, oxygen-rich air, great views from high altitudes, and many local legends.

    During your trekking adventure in Mount Ida National Park, you can set up a tent in camping sites, or stay at nearby lodgings and hotels.

    • Kaçkar Mountains, Eastern Black Sea

    A fantastic and huge mountain range to walk across and explore, Kaçkar is located in Türkiye’s beautiful Black Sea region famous for its alpine beauty. The Kaçkar Mountains are Türkiye’s northeasternmost range with slopes plummeting into the Black Sea.

    What would you say about walking among wildflowers and tall, imposing trees, and challenging yourself to reach the peak at around 4,000 m?

    In the steep, fertile valleys, farmers in villages and small towns make a living from their fruit, tea gardens and walnut orchards, and the mountain fields and pastures.

    • Hittite Way, Çorum & Amasya & Kastamonu

    The Hittite Way is a rich mosaic of Anatolian history and culture combined with beautiful natural scenery! The ancient city of Hattusa is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Hittite Way is ideal for lovers of history, nature, and culture as it encapsulates a rich cultural heritage in a beautiful landscape.

    There are 17 marked trekking trails that cover 236 km. If you include all the local trails, the Hittite Way spans a total of 385 km. The Hittite Way follows the historical caravan and migration routes that connect the three corners of the triangle formed by the important Hittite settlements of Hattusa, Alacahöyük, and Şapinuva.

    • Aladağlar (Anti-Taurus Mountains), Niğde & Kayseri & Adana

    The Aladağlar Mountain range (Anti-Taurus Mountains) stretches from the cities of Kayseri and Niğde to Adana it has plenty of amazing natural sites for you to discover on the way. The summit of the Aladağlar Mountains, favored during the summer, stands at 3,756 m. The mountain offers a variety of paths of different levels.

    Not all the routes are forested; some parts are lined with alpine plants. You can set up your tent in the designated areas, such as Sokulupınar. There are also rafting and mountaineering options available.