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  • zip lining

    Türkiye appeals to adventurous travelers and all kinds of adrenalin-boosting activities can now be found all over the country - including zip lining!

    Türkiye has a network of adventure parks which have zip line rides suitable for the entire family. These range from gentle runs for toddlers and small children to the extreme black lines that are only suitable for brave souls.

    Fırtına Stream, Rize

    In Çamlıhemşin, Rize, on the way of the Ayder Plateau, you’ll find a lot of zip line facilities that offer the opportunity to experience this unique adventure!

    Although the lines aren’t very long, they offer an adrenaline rush due to their altitude above the Fırtına Stream. 

    Köprülü Canyon, Antalya

    Located in Manavgat, Antalya, Köprülü Canyon is known for its rafting and canyoning routes. However, you can also have unforgettable zip line adventures in this beauty of nature!

    Çoruh Stream, Artvin

    It's a 385-meter-long source of adrenaline, 35 meters above the ground!

    In Artvin, over Çoruh Stream, you’ll find the longest zip line of the Black Sea Region!

    Mount Ilgaz, Çankırı

    The zip line on Ilgaz Mountain is the longest line in Türkiye. With a length of 640 meters and standing 25 meters high, the line is located in Kadıntepe Natural Park.

    A high-adrenaline experience awaits you on a forest-covered mountain in Ilgaz!

    Karacasu, Bolu

    Two big zip lines experiences are waiting for you in Karacasu district, south of Bolu city center and north of Gölcük Natural Park! Both zip lines are 20 meters high. One of them is 320 meters long and the other is 420 meters long.

    In the nature of the Western Black Sea, it's a great opportunity to experience zip line over green forests and raise your adrenaline level!