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  • canyoning

    Wet, wild, and unforgettable! Anatolia, the westernmost region of Asia and where Türkiye is located, is a canyon paradise!

    You’ll find numerous gorges and canyons in Türkiye that are perfect for canyoning. Each offers something great for adventure seekers and is guaranteed to send your adrenaline levels soaring!

    In Türkiye, canyoning guides are professionally qualified and experienced. As a visitor, no previous experience is needed - just a little sense of adventure and a reasonable level of fitness!

    A list of the most spectacular canyons in Türkiye follows.

    Aegean: Butterfly Valley (Muğla), Akdağ Tokalı Canyon (Afyon), Eşen Creek Canyon (Muğla), Saklıkent Canyon (Muğla), Ulubey Canyon (Uşak)

    Mediterranean Sea: Kapuz Canyon (Antalya) Ahmetler Canyon (Antalya), Göksu Canyon (Mersin), Göynük Canyon (Antalya), Güver Canyon (Antalya), Hacıoğlan Canyon (Antalya), Kaputaş Canyon (Antalya), Köprülü Canyon (Antalya), Lamas Canyon (Mersin), Yazılı Canyon (Isparta)

    Black Sea: Aydos Canyon (Kastamonu), Çatak Canyon (Kastamonu), Çoruh Valley (Artvin), Ersizdere Canyon (Kastamonu), Şahinkaya Canyon (Samsun), Horma Canyon (Kastamonu & Bartın), İncekaya Canyon (Karabük), İncesu Canyon (Çorum), Kirpe Canyon (Kastamonu), Valla Canyon (Kastamonu)

    Marmara: Ballıkayalar Canyon (Kocaeli), Harmanköy Canyon (Bilecik), Şahinderesi Canyon (Balıkesir), Tuzla Canyon (Sakarya)

    Anatolia: Ihlara Valley (Cappadocia), Karanlık Canyon (Erzincan), Kazankaya Canyon (Yozgat)