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  • fishing

    Türkiye is a country surrounded by four seas and home to many lakes. At the same time, eleven percent of the country is covered in rivers and lakes. In other words, Türkiye is a paradise for fishing!

    You can enjoy a relaxing fishing holiday in the Turkish countryside. Freshwater and saltwater fishing make Türkiye a special destination for anglers!

    Prominent fishing species in Türkiye

    Red mullet (Barbunya)
    Gilt-head bream (Çipura)
    Anchovy (Hamsi)
    Horse mackerel (İstavrit)
    Grey mullet (Kefal)
    Chub mackerel (Kolyoz)
    Bogue (Kupes)
    Sea bass (Levrek)
    Bluefish (Lüfer)
    Whiting (Mezgit)
    Bluefin tuna (Orkinos)
    Atlantic bonito (Palamut)
    Sardine (Sardalya)
    Mackerel (Uskumru)
    Sprat (Çaça)
    Turbot (Kalkan)
    Red porgy (Mercan)
    Swordfish (Kılıç balığı)
    Striped mullet (Tekir)
    Couch’s sea beam (Trança)
    Tub gurnard (Kırlangıç balığı)
    Sea bream (Snarit)

    Fishing Bans

    During breeding seasons, fishing is illegal in some areas. This depends on the region and type of fish. However, the fishing ban generally lasts from April 1 to September 1.

    Fishing License for foreigners

    Foreigners who live in Türkiye can obtain a Guest Amateur Fisherman License. The license is issued by city directorates and is valid for two years.

    The following are required to obtain a license:

    • Passport
    • Two photographs
    • License fee